Butch Cut Marine

Butch cut Marine

A butch cut is a type of haircut in which the hair on the top of the head is cut short in every dimension. The top and the upper portion of the back and sides are cut the same length, which ranges between one quarter of an inch and three quarters of an inch, following the contour of the head. A variant form may have a slight graduation of the top hair longer from back to front or a quickly graduated bit of hair at the front hairline to achieve a little flip up of the hair at the forehead. The hair below the upper portion of the sides and back of the head is tapered short, semi-short or medium with a clippers, in the same manner as a crewcut. A butch may also be called a short brush cut or a brush cut. Butch cuts are traditionally groomed with hair control wax, commonly referred to as butch wax.

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